Foreign students coming to the University increase in 22 percent

  •  Most of the exchange students come to the U. de Santiago because of the recommendations given by their college classmates who completed a term in our University. "I had very good references about the University and its academic and educational quality. I hope I can learn a lot, not only about academic contents but also in the cultural field,” Wendy Romero -from Universidad del Norte, Colombia- said.

In a ceremony presided over by President Juan Manuel Zolezzi -characterized by Chile’s   independence celebrations- 107 exchange students were received. They arrived at the University this second semester and they come from Europe, America and Asia.

"We want you to develop a great intellectual and emotional learning during your stay at this University.  We wish you a pleasant stay and the opportunity to meet the real Chile, its people and culture,” the authority said.

On the other hand, the President remarked he was pleased because this semester, unlike the previous ones, "we have an even greater diversity of students and cultures. For the first time, we receive students from Canada, South Korea and the Russian Federation. These four students, from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (South Korea), the Thompson Rivers University (Canada) and the Lomonosov-Moscow State University (Russian Federation), are the first students who come from those distant places. We hope that, instead of being the last ones, they become precursors of collaborative work and greater mobility with their universities and original countries. We welcome all of you and wish you fruitful studies. "

  Academic references

 The group is made up of students from leading universities in Germany, Argentina, France, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Ecuador, Belgium, Colombia, Uruguay, and Paraguay. According to Wendy Romero from Universidad del Norte, Colombia, "the experience has been very rewarding, everyone has received us with great affection, the teachers have been very friendly and I have high hopes that I shall enrich my intellect."

The student said she came to this University because "I had very good references about the University and its academic and educational quality. I hope I can learn a lot not only about academic contents but also about the cultural field,”

Arlette Martinez, from Universidad del Noreste de México, said she was interested in the culture of the country and chose this institution “because of its curriculum, the recommendations received by other students who were here before, and also because teachers work in the field of advertising ".

 "In this exchange semester, I hope to benefit from the knowledge of my teachers and classmates,” the student said.

 Another Mexican, Marco Antonio Galindo, Universidad de Sinaloa, said that this "has been one of the best experiences I've had. I chose this university for its good academic references and the educational quality it has. "

Good ambassadors

Carol Johnson, Surrogate Director of Inter- Universities and International Relations of the institution, said: "Different universities in the world trust our institution and this has allowed their students to come and study during one semester with us.”   Besides, she highlighted the growth in the arrival rate of foreign students, because now they are 107, representing a 22 percent increase, compared to the same period last year.