Theatre Group

The Universidad de Santiago vocational theatre Group was born in 1984, due to the necessity of giving a bigger projection to the work carried out by the students of the Integral Theatre workshops levels I, II, and III, given by the Department of Cultural Activities of our University (today the Directorate of Extension and Cultural Activities) in charge of Brana Vantman, theatre teacher and director.

Its first montage was El Tony Chico, by Luis Alberto Heiremans, presented in 1984.

The founding cast of the Universidad de Santiago Vocational theatre was formed by 18 students from different careers, such as Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Arts, Engineering, Bachelors’ Degree in Spanish, and Bachelors’ Degree in English.

Other montages performed by the group were: “Se ve la suerte gratis” original work by Ana Osorio member of the group; “Mascaradas”, collective creation by the Vocational Theatre; “Cortazar Nuestra Mirada”, creative collection by the Vocational Theatre; “Transparencias” collective creation by the Vocational Theatre inspired on “Oda al Aire”, by Pablo Neruda; “Rte. Laura del Mar”, research work which provides a dramaturgical result.

Until 1991, performances and tours took place in different university campuses. Also, we can highlight the creation of the theatre space El Zócalo, where several seasons took place.

In the second semester of the year 2000, and always with Brana Vantman’s direction, the project Universidad de Santiago VOCATIONAL THEATRE, which is formed by students of our University who have finished Theatre workshops I and II, was retaken.



The group of Vocational theatre works systematically, and its members are in permanent formation and improvement.

Among the montages the vocational group has performed, we have:  “El daño”, free adaptation of the homonymous work by Andrea Maturana; “Borrachos como la memoria” work in three dramatic moments; “El Zapatero que huyó de los Acreedores”, free adaptation of a work by Eduardo Galeano.

At present, the VOCATIONAL THEATRE has a repertoire of two plays whose drama work has been elaborated by the work team: “Tan-gentes”, Collective Drama, Camera Montage, and “Las Palabras Andantes” itinerant montage, adaptation of the homonymous tale by Eduardo Galeano.

In January 2004, The Universidad de Santiago Vocational Theatre started “LA RUTA DEL ARLEQUIN” with the play “Las Palabras Andantes”, whose objective is to reach the most distant, places of the country and offer the theatre activities with non- profit objectives. This route has encompassed performances in Ancud, Quemchi, Chacao, Curaco de Velez, Achao, Chonchi, Quimchao and Molulco. Later, the group continued its performances in different communes of the Metropolitan Region, Santiago, El Monte, inland Rinconada de Malambo, Rengo, Casablanca and Pichingal, in Molina.

Also, the Universidad de Santiago Vocational Theatre has performed at the Chilean Society of Writers, Espaciocal Gallery; in charity events, and in the School of Psychology, the Faculty of Engineering, the Greek Forum, Ex Fiscal Office, among others, within the Universidad de Santiago.