Society of Technological Development (SDT)

Mr. Juan Pablo Aguirre Álvarez

(56-2) 718 1400

672 2484







The Society of Technological Development (SDT, in Spanish) is a private entity; created by the Universidad de Santiago to develop, coordinate, promote and support the activities the University carries out on topics such as technological transference, technical assistance, continuing education and providing technical services. The SDT directs its activities to the society in general and the entrepreneurial area in particular.

The Society of Technological Development defines itself as a multidisciplinary entity, with a special emphasis in the national and international markets, that assumes the task of creating and developing permanent links of technological transference from the University to the productive area and from this field to the University in a management perspective that focuses in aspects such as: strategies of institutional development, business and human resources processes among others. The SDT constitutes itself as an efficient answer to the search of competition in the institutions. The activities developed by the Society in the areas of labor training, professional development and counseling, reflect the rapid growth of the number and sums of activities of the projects carried out with the academic units and the clients. One of the most important achievements of the Society has been the total self-funding of its operations and investments since 1993, which makes it a successful university project.